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  • To conduct a European research and needs analysis over current state of STEM education and robotics;

  • To create new innovative curricula in order to combine the best practices and fill the identified gaps

  • To train trainers of the consortium based on the LEGO Mindstorms (LEGO Mindstorms Robotics are customizable, programmable robots that are ideal for applications related to STEM education, as well as rehabilitation and social inclusion focused on youngsters)

  •  ECVET certification of well-established training procedure

    Through this well-rounded approach, adult and young participants will have the opportunity to develop, enhance and acquire key competencies and skill relevant to STEM education and training through innovative curricula and pedagogy.

    New skills and competencies are of the outmost importance for future educational and professional chances in view of the new digital era and forth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0)


  • Analysis and needs assessment of STEM and robotics education in seven countries (Norway, Estonia, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Spain) and developing of the recommendation for improvement and filling the perceived gaps

  • Curriculum development for robotics education based on LEGO Mastermind® system and training of trainers from seven countries

  • Robocamps at national level in seven countries lasting for 3 months for youngsters from 13 to 16 years old being trained in programming LEGO Mastermind® system, transnational Robocamp in Greece for teenagers (8 from each country and theirs 2 educators)

Expected results and outputs:

  • The project will produce a lot of results and outputs:

    • Research And Needs Analysis Report

    • STEM Education Curricula Relevant To Robotics In Seven Languages (English, Norwegian, Estonian, Croatian, Greek, Bulgarian, Spanish)

    • Transnational Training Of Trainers For 12 Trainers From 7 Countries On Robotics Methodology For Youngsters

    • Six National Robocamps (3 Months Duration) For Youngsters From 13 To 16 Years Old

    • Transnational Robocamp Tournament (5-Day Event) For 48 Teenagers And 12 Adults From Six Different Countries

    • Recognition Of Learning Outcomes

    • Exchange Of Best Practices Within The Consortium

    • Five Local/National Multiplier Events (Estonia, Cyprus, Norway, Bulgaria, Greece)

  • As well as:

    • Enhancement Of Awareness, Skills And Competences Relevant To Robotics And Their Implementation In Education, Training And Businesses

    • Increase In Future Employability Of All Professionals And Youngsters Attracted To STEM Through Robotics

    • Interaction Between Research, Practice And Policy (The Triple Helix)

    • Potential Adoption Of Created Curricula By Non-Formal And Formal Education Institutions Like Schools, Public Bodies, CSOs, VET Centres, HEIs, SMEs

    • Development Of Partnerships And Bonds Between Schools And Wider Community In Formal, Non-Formal And Informal Learning

    • Added Value To The Open Educational Resources Platform

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