Innovative and up to date curricula for formal and informal education are always welcomed tool for the educators. Robotics 4.0 All are developing curricula on LEGO Mindstorms robotics related to STEM. Beside educators in the field of robotics and STEM, they could be used by students and adults who want to enhance their competences in the field.

The curricula combine LEGO Mindstorms Robotics with primary coding and creativity development via 3D designs through multifaceted approach. It offers students and adults the possibility to learn how to visualize, design and write instructions for LEGO Mindstorms Robotic.

All the partner organisations contribute within the filed of their organisational expertise in robotics, science, teaching, VET, new technologies. In order to reach local/regional/national target groups, the curricula is offered in English, and in the languages of the participating countries.

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